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le Grand Adventuress
It's a... 
11th-Apr-2007 06:56 pm
I woke up around six this morning and couldn't fall asleep again because I was so EXCITED. Yeah, that doesn't happen often : ). But today was The Big Day, I had my 20 week ultrasound at 11am. They tell you to drink tons of water, forty ounces in the hour and a half before your appointment, and then you lie on a table while someone pushes on your bladder and you try not to pee your pants for twenty minutes : ).

Seriously though, it was amazing. I'm so glad Jesse was there with me. He has said a few times that the pregnancy doesn't seem real to him, and I could tell he was able to think of the baby in a whole new way by actually seeing it and watching it move. He had this look of childlike wonder and amazement as his eyes were glued to everything that was going on. I can feel the baby move and poke the inside of my belly all the time now, but seeing its face, seeing it yawn and stretch and move around, and react when someone taps on my belly... well, I'm probably boring most of you but I never imagined that I would find this much happiness in pregnancy and the idea of being a mama.

It's funny, for quite a while we were so anxious to find out the sex of the baby. Just super curious and dying to know, waiting for this day. Then we both got out of bed this morning and agreed that not only did we not care at all whether it's a girl or boy, but we wouldn't even be especially distraught if we didn't find out. Of course, we did find out, and it's a baby... GIRL!

I'm not exactly looking forward to a home FULL of PINK stuff from the grandma's, but I'll survive. Everything else was good, the doctor seems to enjoy worrying me by going on about things such as how he thinks the baby is smaller than it should be (with his little tape measure), but she's almost exactly on schedule for the end of August. On to picking out the name...

In other news, my sister is also having a baby as of a few weeks ago, due four months later : ). And Easter sucked, the first big holiday of navigating between my parents with my sisters... or sister, as the youngest one is no long speaking to my dad. Blah. The end.
13th-Apr-2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

16th-Apr-2011 12:15 am (UTC)
Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!

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