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le Grand Adventuress
finally did it 
7th-Aug-2006 11:36 pm
i put in my two weeks at work yesterday, and got my eyebrow pierced today!

i've wanted to get it done for a long time, but when i was younger i was worried about my parents' opinions, then i got jobs where i was never allowed to have a facial piercing. which makes no sense to me btw because, for example, who really cares if their pizza delivery driver has a piercing?? i get to go into work tomorrow and say, "you can fire me or i'll put a bandaid over it, but it's not coming out." now i just have to find another job. heh...

anyway, this is the first non-ear piercing i've gotten. the whole process including signing papers and all took less than ten minutes. it hurt enough that my eyes teared up for a second, but it really wasn't bad. now it only hurts a tiny bit when i touch it.

the boyfriend was a bit upset that i did it while he was at work, though. i can understand that he wanted to be there, but he's being bitchy about it. i didn't exactly plan it that way. this is the last week of the semester and i've been really stressed about it, as usual. i got out of my last speech class, which i'm getting a very high A in, and wanted to celebrate somehow. it was kind of spontaneous, though i started talking about it a month ago (at which time my boss said no way : ) ).

Q: i basically have an offer for a full-time office job that i'm considering. i'm not sure how they'd feel about the piercing. anyone know if it's really as impossible (constant infections or it will immediately close) as they say it is to take it out just for work, after it's healed?

chemistry studying time.
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